turning corporate refuse
into scientific research


The Refuse For Research project was closed on March 30, 2013.

Welcome to Refuse For Research

Refuse For Research served the global research community by partnering with the World Community Grid in order to further their mission, "...to create the world's largest public computing grid to tackle projects that benefit humanity."

The methodology for Refuse For Research was unique:

Donated surplus and broken servers (i.e., refuse that would have wound up in a land fill) were repaired in order to run the software used to conduct research. Most of the infrastructure used (cables, racks, etc.) was also recycled or recovered.


Refuse For Research was online for 4 years, 312 days.
Last Activity: 14 computers processing 63 concurrent work units.
Daily Averages: 100.48 results turned in for 50,492.05 points awarded.
CPU Run Time: 208 years, 188 days, 15 hours (#145 out of 613,865).
Results Turned In: 178,243 (#635 out of 613,865).
Points Awarded: 89,572,904 (#648 out of 613,865).
Last Approximate Aggregate Speed: 123.067 GFlops.

15 Project Badges Earned:
Sapphire Level Badge (2 years) for FightAIDS@HomeSapphire Level Badge (2 years) for Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2Emerald Level Badge (1 year) for Discovering Dengue Drugs - TogetherSapphire Level Badge (2 years) for Help Conquer Cancer
Sapphire Level Badge (2 years) for Nutritious Rice for the WorldRuby Level Badge (180 days) for The Clean Energy ProjectSapphire Level Badge (2 years) for Help Fight Childhood CancerSapphire Level Badge (2 years) for Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy - Phase 2
Ruby Level Badge (180 days) for Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together - Phase 2Sapphire Level Badge (2 years) for The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2Sapphire Level Badge (2 years) for Computing for Clean WaterSapphire Level Badge (2 years) for Drug Search for Leishmaniasis
Sapphire Level Badge (2 years) for GO Fight Against MalariaSapphire Level Badge (2 years) for Say No to SchistosomaRuby Level Badge (180 days) for Computing for Sustainable Water


Saddle Creek Logistics Services

Saddle Creek Logistics Services was the sponsor of this project. They selflessly gave Refuse For Research equipment, support, power, and internet access.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Woody Blaylock; VP IS and Kathy Fulton; Director ALAN for seeing the value in this endeavor and authorizing the use of Saddle Creek resources and to Bill Baker for his help getting the server equipment sorted out and installed.

Lastly, and most importantly, I want to thank my wife for her invaluable guidance on the usability of the website, her seemingly infinite patience with the long nights I have spent either at the data center or in my office working on this thing, and most of all, her belief in this project and my efforts. Thanks, Doc!